Glenview 4 Primary School

Why You Should Enrol With Us

Glen View 4 Primary School boasts of a sound education which tries to mould a learner who fits well into the society. The school produces learners who have strong exit and survival skills. Students choose Glen View 4 Primary over other schools because of the way they are moulded by the institution. Our school is also chosen over others because the school has a friendly environment where all the learners are respected and afforded a chance to develop to the best.

Why enroll with us.
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About Us

Glen View 4 Primary School opened its doors to the public on 1 September 1981. Since then the type of education offered at the institution is the nectar that brings people from all over seeking to be part of the family.The school started with an enrolment of five hundred and sixty (560) learners. The first group of learners at the school were drawn with their teachers from Glen View 1 Primary, Glen View 2 Primary and Glen View 3 Primary Schools. Fourteen teachers were engaged when the school started operating. The school had twenty-eight rooms which were ready for the learners to occupy and have the school grow.  Gradually, the school enrolment and staffing grew each term till today where the enrolment is well above one thousand. Currently, the school has an enrolment of one thousand eight hundred and fifteen learners (1815).